Reader Submissions of Errors (and good naturedly moans, of course!)

If you know of any others, please let me know and I'll put them up below.

If your game is Paused when you press Hyperspace and Quick Dock, the game will lock up. (Thanks to Death Jester (a.k.a. Glen) for this)

Well, I don't know if this is just my Computer, or everyone's, or my eyes, or brain, or retina, or lens, or aqueous humour, or blind spot, or optic nerve, or vitreous humour, or anything else used in the Homeworld/seeing process, but if I am playing said game, and accidentally press one of those blasted Start Menu buttons, I am, of course, dropped into Bindow$.

Which is fine.

If I click on the little Homeworld bar, to re-immerse myself in the icy, soulless world of Computer Games, saving myself from the harsh, glaring light, and strange unpredictableness of Real Life (as I'm told you have done many an hour, haw haw haw!!! ...Sorry) the colours are, to coin an ancient Greek phrase, "all over the shop."

Truth! All dark and detailless, one can only see the faint outline of energy bars, and the first letters of words in the game menu.

(Thanks to KR152 for this one) To kill that stupid stupid stupid WinKey, go to and search for "Winkey killer"