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Homeworld (Official)
Homeworld patches These update (or 'patch') your existing Homeworld installation to the latest version: removing some bugs which have been discovered in gameplay, hardware driver incompatibilities, functionality, etc.
Homeworld Mods
<Send me> These unofficial updates alter your existing Homeworld installation to give you different ships, building times, graphics, sounds, etc. They are not supported by Relic, so comments to the author of the MOD, please.
Bab5 A Babylon 5 MOD (under development. currently 2.2beta - three new ships so far)
SW v ST A Star Wars v Star Trek MOD
Turanic A MOD in which you play as the Turanic Raiders (aka Vogons) of Lev 02 and Lev 04
guidestone More mods
Maps Homeworld Map Archive
Other related sites
TRK TRK's Homeworld site. Has screenshots of all the player ships
CoH Homeworld - Chronicles Of Hiigara
Relic Relic Entertainment - the company that developed Homeworld. Has news, downloads, updates, etc.
S for H Homeworld: The Search for Hiigara
Journey Journey into Homeworld. An excellent site giving you tips on making your own Mods, a walkthrough (not as good as mine, naturally <grin>), screenshots, etc.
Riva3D Homeworld Cataclysm screenshots
Top100 A list of the 100 most popular sites relating to Homeworld
Top #1 The Number One world's most frequently visited and least popular page
Top #2 The Number Two world's most frequently visited and second-least popular page
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